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the pilot inside

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Robert Stillman & Archaic Future Players – 10″LP – – listen to / buy it

Rob Stillman’s record store for CD and DIGI versions — check that out here

Aleric Nez – 12″LP, CD, DIGI – – listen to / buy it

Plains – CD, DIGI – – listen to / buy it

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rob stillman record promotional video:

Dirty Dishes / Grass Is Green / Marie Stella / Dead Man’s Clothes

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March 2nd..here goes:

8pm.  We’re welcoming Dirty Dishes and Grass is Green, from Boston, MA.

Dirty Dishes began 2010 by playing a sold out show at House of Blues with Boston natives Passion Pit. They have since shared the stage with Autolux, Gobble Gobble & Bear Hands, played several shows at SXSW including two packed nights at the Austin Museum of Art, traveled to Toronto as an official NXNE artist, and snagged the front page of the Arts & Entertainment section of The Weekly Dig in Boston. They have been getting regular airplay on Boston’s top alternative rock station WFNX, as well as college radio stations across the country and were just featured in NYLON magazine.


Grass is Green is an experimental/punk quartet from Boston, MA with roots in the DC DIY scene. They are currently on tour and will be playing this year’s SXSW.


107 Hanover.  Tongued into the brownness and the wetness.  Part of Portland’s Bayside community.  Set your compasses for 107 Hanover Street and cough up 5 dollars so we can pay people the dollars they deserve to be paid for driving all the way here from Boston.

Saturday February 26th 2011 8pm STRANGE MAINE PRESENTS…

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Pak = (Providence, tape manipules) Noise Nomads = (Western Mass, noise….nomad) Crank Sturgeon = (Crank Sturgeon!) Kent = (from AM Frank, Visitations, Special Ed., Skeet Shooters, Skeet Shooting et c.) + maybe more AT THE APOHADION 107 HANOVER ST., PORTLAND ME

admission by donation

the pilot inside

Manners / Herbcraft / Tracey Trance / Timothy Wind (ex-Taterbug)

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Sunday, 20th of February:

This will date will mark Gregg Beson’s (MANNERS) return to Portland.  In tow will be Emma N. Young, reading from a collection of her poems.  Friends of Gregg and Emma’s are encouraged to attend.   Tracey Trance brings wide smiles and organ riffs.  Timothy Wind, who blew me away last time around here, brings grimy, sickly songs of heart wrench drenched in an Americana sadness that I can’t quite identify.  Lovers of LoFi folk freaks will dig this one.  Herbcraft brings a finely blended mix of their own concoction, not straying too far from that Americana road trip.  It’s spring break, right?

We’ll kick this one off at the old stand-by time of 8pm.  We’ll request a modest donation of 5-8 affordable dollars.  You are all so cool.

2/18 Friday at 10 p.m. Big Meat Hammer and Lynn Rebels

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The Apohadion is happy to host Big Meat Hammer and The Lynn Rebels on Friday evening.

Big meat hammer has been playing punk rock music in Portland Maine since 1989.  This evening, BMH will also be celebrating Jordan Kratz’s 55th birthday.

They will be joined by the Lynn Rebels, a close-knit punk group with influences such as Deadboys,70′s Punk,70′s hard rock,Iggy & Stooges,MC5,1960′s era garage rock,Blue Cheer,obscure late 60′s heavy rock, and underground music.

This one gets going a little later than usual: about 9:30pm.  All ages, donations for musicians encouraged in the $5 range. We are located at 107 Hanover Street, down in the brown & lumpy ice-patch that is Portland’s Bayside.

Screaming Females / Mouth Washington / Haru Bangs

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We’re happy to host:

The Screaming Females (riff mongers & slugging solos out of the park; from New Jersey)

with locals Mouth Washington and Haru Bangs.

Someone said it starts at 7 and I’m inclined to believe that.  Please bring a donation of between 5 and 10 dollars to support the bands and the space.  Don’t get caught not being there/here.


Trashumpers epilogue:

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This “deleted scene” from harmony korine’s latest movie trashumpers seems like it could be  a perfect epilogue to the movie.. or it could go at the beginning and function just as well.. maybe it could be his last word ever, in any case it made me laugh, so I thought I’d post this.

Upon learning that harmony had a new film coming out last summer, We were instantly intrigued.  An american film maker who can give you real horror.. not fantasy. His feet solidly on the ground.

I wanted to show this unseen movie at the apohadion.

I contacted DragCity- the distributor and publicity agents for the film. This was an interesting process. They sent us a blu-ray, although I had requested dvd or VHS.. then they pasted a small post-it on it that said ” the audio may not work on this copy – please check it out on your system before playing” hmm.. Their publicity agent called me to ask where to send promotional posters. I engaged her in a crazy scheme where The Apohadion would premeire the movie in a flooded, vacant warehouse on the edge of town, near a prison..Very Trashumpers.  I would later that day produce short promotional videos with a creative associate that they would be happy to throw up on their website to aid in publicity for TrashHumper’s Portland dates. Awesome!

Of Course, they never helped us out on the publicity tip even though our videos obviously ruled.. (see our television channel on youtube for a few other attempts)

The Blu-Ray sound issue thing worked out fine, I borrowed Acadia Recording’s player last minute, and Seth and I previewed the movie on thursday before showing it at the theatre on friday.. Seth didnt like it, left to go drinking,  then I had to sit there alone and watch the remainder.

Bizarre and revolting, true and uplifting …hilarious and deeply unsettling. afterwards I wanted to talk about the movie with someone. Then Maine’s only hurricane in years struck Portland and we only made $80 bucks at the door both nights..despite great coverage by the phoenix.. they gamely printed the weirdest film promo photo in recent memory next to a glowing endorsement.

Anyway, long story short – Drag City’s  theatre guy who was brokering the whole deal kept me to my word on the $350 dollar thing (so much for art for art’s sake..fair enough!) and I finally paid them and thats that.  At least the deleted scene is free!

Woods / Ducktails / Herbcraft / Milkman’s Union

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Thursday, February 3rd:




Milkman’s Union

show starts at 8!  seriously! 8!  show will cost you a 6-10 dollar donation that will include great seats or standing room.  here’s a video of a slam dunk, courtesy of the internet:


Stardate: Friday 1/28/11 and Sunday 1/30/11

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Friday brings to the Apohadion a gala quadrangle of newly discovered sound wave progenitors from here and beyond: Sore Eros , Mindwheel, Doomstar, and Endless Caverns. show begins at 8.

On Sunday, astral travellers and lovers of great music may return to get a load of:
Ben Russell, Matt Rock and XAR.
Kate Cox will be preamblin’

Things Happening Tonight and Sunday night:

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Winter Dance Party this evening (friday jan 21) hosted by d.j. ponyfarm, 8 p.m.

And then on Sunday night Jan 23 Strange Maine presents a throw your hands in the air good show. This, from Skot @ Strange Maine:

Wumme appeared at Strange Maine last summer, then known asAltered States and blew all 10 or so in attendance away with their minimalist, mathy drum and synth excursions……..they’re from Chicago, and are the reason for this whole sh’bang………Mr. Chris and the Instant Animalsre-emerge from wherever the heck they’ve been (featuring former members of, uh, Modern SyndromeTurn Down Day, and I think there might even be aVisitation in there)………Tempera will be scarfing some major drone pie and keeping it minimal………maybe……..I mean really who am I to say…….and Mystic Out-Bop Review and i’d m thfft able will be doing a freely improvised qut that’s bound to be anything other than structurally minimal……………..and, this just in Crank Sturgeon has agreed to MC this event.

Show starts at 8 p.m. donations for performers encouraged.

Until then, a lil’ movie:

Friday December 17th – Marion Brown remembrance show:

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Friday December 17th – Marion Brown remembrance show:

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$3 – $5 donation , show begins at 8p.m. 

Saturday December 18th @ 7 PM: Burst & Bloom Christmas Party

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A showcase of fine songwriters and groups associated with Dylan Metrano and Guy Capecelatro III’s Burst + Bloom record label.

Dylan has been releasing records and touring for over 10 years (tigersaw, paper tigers) and is now co-curator of Burst & Bloom.  Check out some of their latest releases including Wesley Allen Hartley and the reissue of Seekonk’s last effort Pinkwood II at burstandbloomrecords.com.

Saturday 12/11/10

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6:30 p.m.

Waranimal – portland


Rosetta – Philadelphia

$6 donation

December 4th: Metal Feathers, Sunset Hearts, Hi Tiger

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Saturday, December 4th


Metal Feathers

(Portland indie-rock catch machine)

Sunset Hearts

(Ancient Egyptians buried their dead facing the setting sun.  from Portland)

Hi Tiger

(Glamorous, glamorous.  Smooth move sex mechanics)

Please bring a little bit of your moola ($3-$5-$10?) to contribute to everybody’s cause.

The musician’s cause: keep doing it.

The Apohadion’s cause: keeping our lights dimly lit for you and us so that we all look nice.



rock show Saturday 11/13/10

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10/25/10 Aleric Nez record release / VikingMoses / Forest City Lovers

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This Monday night we are very excited to bring to you Aleric Nez.
He will be performing songs from his album recorded at Fort Awesome. Starting in March of 2009, we tracked Aleric playing Ramblin Man (by Hank Williams) on an old mono reel to reel recorder. We loved the results so much that we asked him if we could fecord more of him. This Monday night we will be celebrating the completion of a project started a year and a half ago. LPs and Cds will be available for all interested in having a document of this great guitar player, singer, songwriter, and all around great person.

The Viking Moses returns.. The VIKING MOSES was initiated by Southern Missourian Brendon Massei in 2003. The band has a dynamic, rotating cast of both established and obscure musicians worldwide, and is currently based in Northern Appalachia (USA).

His last album, “The parts that showed” (recorded on the Oldham family farm by Paul Oldham) has been on our turntables for a year or two and it is a gem.

Forest City Lovers are nature-loving urban dwellers spinning lingering, lyrical melodies across the landscape of Canadian folk-pop.

Show starts at 8 P.M. The Apohadion Theater is located at 107 Hanover Street in Portland’s Bayside neighborhood.
$2 donation at the door.

10/10/10 magic performances sunday night and 10/11/10 TABOO w/ Hi Tiger and Gorilla Gum

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Crank Sturgeon is curating a night of 10 minute performances by at least 10 different performers on Sunday evening.  Here is what he has to say about the show:

Combinations, duets, triads, and orgies. The magical number ten will see variations and confluences of its schemesake explored, torted, and flapped. Ten minute performances will accompany ten by ten by ten ziggurats; ten beers, ten foot long subway sandwiches, ten bird’s nests: all subject to the hue. Bored of thinking? Ten will do you right. Fast and speedy, upright the uptight and knee-deep the needy… only ten will tell in splatters of noisy wheelock design and bent-to-hell sonic culmination. This fest will be graced by…Offset Needle Radius
Galen Richmond
Mystic Out-Bop Review
Id m theft able
Andrea Pensado
Walter Wright & Setheyney (Satan)
Crank Sturg’
Skinny Vinny
And more!!!
Doors open up at 8

The very next evening we present TABOO

Dexter, Maine’s Taboo is a psyched out threesome drown and out rock.  Take a piss in the woods and leave it there.  Gritty, full of tooth, noisy and out.  This is the heavy grinding and swinging of the axe, a striking into the bore.  Check it out.
Alternatively, lesser is known about a close-to-home band Hi Tiger, other than a savage feast of dance and rhythm in the vein of New Order.
From Belfast, Gorilla Gum: offerer of song wrapped in stories and percussion derived from wherever it’s found.  Perfect for the month of October.
Show at 8:00 pm.
Please bring some dough for Taboo and G.G..  This marks Taboo’s tour kick-off I do believe.

10/8/10 Expo ’70 / AGE / Coke Weed

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The Apohadion, after a few weeks of much needed “us time,” is happy to welcome Expo ’70 from Kansas City.

Kansas Citian Justin Wright kneels before an amplified monolith; billowing cardice smoke encircles as he weaves dense layers of pure tones into a rich kosmische blanket, variations subtle and significant as tectonic shifts. All’s drifted and heady till the man proceeds to rip in with his axe and leave piles of shred for miles in his wake.
“A current of pure deep droning space rock stripped down to its barest essence” – Foxy Digitalis

After much hype and theorizing, Age makes a hopeful and triumphant Portland debut.  This is the first public performance from this long-theorized heavy Ur-music groop, comprised of members of TEMPERA and other Portland subterranean dwellers. A riffed gravitational-pull space-doom exploration into the primordial beat and nebulous firstnotes of creation.

Little has been revealed about this deep-grooved folk rock unit; provenance unknown, provokative name in spades, and familial bloodlines running thru to Diroccan Instant Animals territory suggesting a promising outcome.

Check this out.  8pm. 107 Hanover St. Please bring monetary donations for bands that paid money to get here.

painting at the apohadion theatre

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It’s been a heavy week or three of shows at the theatre, and we now retreat to create things of our own.

upcoming shows:

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Whoa! Awesome Weekend!

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9/2/2010 – Noveller / Unfact / Animal Hospital / Instant Animals

Thursday, September 2nd we’ve got a sweet show for you all.  Noveller, from Brooklyn, creates textural sound on her guitars.  Animal Hospital, from Boston, is a one man live electronic soundscaper.  Hopefully you caught his set at Space as he opened for Grouper.  If not, check him out this time!  Lastly, UnFact, brings David Wm Sims, bass player of legendary Jesus Lizard status.  He creates songs using bass loops and electronics.  Beautiful structures.  Beautiful songs.  Opening the night is Portland’s own Instant Animals.  Chris DiRocco’s latest creation of kraut-rock and pysch!  Show starts promptly at 8pm.  5 dollar donation please!



Trash Humpers is Harmony’s Korine’s latest cinematic endeavor.  Old people that hump trash, give tree branches oral sex, destroy property and graffito-tag.  We’ll screen this as an after-party to September’s First Friday art walk at 8:30 pm and again on Saturday night at the same time.  Admission is 6 dollars to help recoup the cost of this official screening.


Big Blood returns to the Apohadion on Sunday, the 5th, with Human Adult Band from New Brunswick, NJ.  This rounds out a killer weekend.  Begins at 8:30ish.  5 dollar donation requested for the touring act!

mark tipton and friends 8/27/10

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Live music with Mark Tipton and friends this friday at The Apohadion Theatre.

Mark played here last New Year’s Eve and we’re very happy to have him back for something a little different.

for a show description, we read from Mark Tipton’s facebook page:

Mark Tipton, Dan Cole, Kyle Hardy, Hassan Muhammed, Stu Mahan, and Phil McGowan spread some ill funk and fusion around like a disease! Come and dance your pants off!

This will be an early show, starting at 7 and ending around 9:30, so it should be perfect for those who want to boogie before boogying some more somewhere else.

8/22/2010 Robert Stillman / Kurt Weisman / Micah Blue Smaldone / Poetry By Emma N. Young

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Amazing show featuring Robert Stillman, South Portland’s Micah Blue Smaldone, Kurt Weisman and poems by Emma N Young.

This is a guaranteed feast of tones, words, depth.  We’re all excited to welcome Robert Stillman back to Maine (albeit for a limited time), and equally excited to open our stage to Kurt Weisman, who will be cycling up from Boston, so we hear.  Micah Blue Smaldone is a master of his craft.  12 string guitar and words that create perfect space.  In between acts we will have Emma N. Young reading poems from her new book.  Can’t wait for this one.

September 2nd is another amazing show featuring Portland’s Instant Animals, Noveller (Important Records, and No Fun Productions), UnFact (David Wm. Sims from the legendary Jesus Lizard) and Animal Hospital!


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The Apohadion has recently erected a badminton court between our building and the neighboring insurance firm.  Shown above is Bob Keal from Small Sur in mid volley with opponents.  Come get yourself some.   Stay tuned for upcoming shows including August 22nd’s Robert Stillman / Kurt Weiseman  / Micah Blue Smaldone as well as September 2nd’s Noveller / UnFact (featuring David Wm. Simms of The Jesus Lizard) / Animals Hospital / and Instant Animals!

Keeping bayside united,

The Apohadion

august 12: tin ceilings/ small sur & more

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SMALL SUR – a nicely stretched out folk group from Baltimore “Charm City”. Hear them here.
and from Portland, TIN CEILINGS -our friend Randy Illian comes to play and sing, with eyes and ears tuned by the wind and the stars.
The Apohadion is located in Portland’s vista-filled Bayside neighborhood at 107 Hanover Street.
Shows begin at 8:30 p.m., we’ll pass the hat.

august 9th: lower dens / jakob battick / white light / inoculist

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Lower Dens, a side project of solo artist Jana Hunter, comes to the Apohadion.  Creating a dense atmosphere of distant guitars, drenched in reverb, Lower Dens take indie rock to a new place.  Mellow yet moody but loud and driving with a smoothness like you wouldn’t expect.  The vocals have a tinge of the same reverb that puts a calming touch on the picture at large.  From Balitmore, Maryland, Lower Dens are a group you don’t want to miss.  Check them out here. Locals (Ian Paige, Jeremy Robinson and Jerusha Neely) bring us a reunion of their free folk enterprise White Light that is sorely missed.  Here. Jakob Battick plays at the Apohadion for the first time with his project of beautifully crafted swells and dips with a roominess that adds dimension and defines his sound.  hear that sound here.

show will begin at the general show time of 8pm.  please bring your own beverages.  also, if you can, please donate between 5 and 10 dollars for the touring bands; it’s very much appreciated.  we’re still located at 107 hanover st.  nestled tight between the salt and the sand and the falling of bowling pins.

7/29/2010 ducktails / big trouble / herb craft

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please come check out this amazing show: Ducktails from new jersey is dropping jaws and turning heads. (Windows-down, surf-riding mandala-rock from Matthew Mondanile’s [mem. Real Estate] psych-pop solo project, backed onstage tonight by openers Big Troubles for some full-band zones. Whisps of dream-memory tunes and warped mixtape drifts. Anthems borne of the transcendence of circular motion.)  you don’t want to miss it.  Big Trouble also on the bill (Garage-fi rubble-pop; spectral voices & fuzz guitar haze put in motion by sock-hop beats, with melody and atmosphere that connect the 80′s British underground [MBV, JAMC] with 80′s/90′s New Jersey underground [YLT, Feelies].)   And from right here, Herb Craft:  Cosmic-kraut coven-psych from this L’animaux Tryst family band [mem. Cursillistas, Tempera, Planets Around the Sun, White Light]. Free-mind music drawing lines from inner-Earth to outer-space; islands & oceans: songs and free-radical orbits. Esotericized astral-folk & Saharan psych performed in a ceremonial spectrum of the wide-open.

show starts at 8pm.  please have 5 or so dollars handy for the tourers!

Pope / Village

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New stage mural by Shon Mahoney.

village of spaces! / mother of fire! / tom k.! saturday july 24

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(Dan B.)

Village of Spaces is the latest incarnation of Dan B. and Amy M. from Belfast, ME.  Down home folk music~~genuine to the bone. What was Uke of Spaces is now this. Mother of Fire hails from Minnesota.  Violin led, percussive psych rock. Loudness will prevail.  Tom K., from South Portland, will also be preforming.  His crooning on the mid-evil oud is not to be missed.

Starting at 8pm.  Costing anywhere from 5-10 dollars.  We’re located at 107 Hanover street in Portland’s beautiful bayside community.





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